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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

I savor the rhythms of daily life, ordinary moments, the sights and sounds, the changing light and its effects on the objects, the people and the place. My paintings record these moments, my experience, my time here rescuing moments from the too soon forgotten.

I have a passion for travel and painting on location. I paint, sensitive to cultural differences in the foreign and domestic locations I frequent. My inspiration comes from people at their work or leisure, landscapes, ancient walls and doors or a close look at a garden pattern.

When in my studio, I paint from still life materials I collect and from the photographs I take while traveling. My photographs are of fleeting moments too quickly gone to capture with painting materials on location. Through the photographs I return to the location and its sounds, the aromas, the light--the moment I want to paint.

I have studied with Colorado artists Mark Daily, Kim English, Quang Ho and Stephen Quiller.

My Archives include sold paintings. They are listed in categories for easy reference.

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